Alex Choi Key Issue Positions:

Healthcare: Alex Choi has a strong background in healthcare issues through his medical degree, his Masters in Public Health, and his management of the largest physician practice in Indiana. Currently, Indiana ranks in the bottom 10 of all states in most public health metrics. Dr. Choi understands that this has led to weaker communities and higher insurance costs. Alex will promote policies which improve public health and healthcare and work towards controlling the rapidly increasing costs and the high medical debt incurred by residents.


Education: Alex Choi serves on the school board of a group of inner-city publicly funded charter schools where more than 85% of the students live in poverty. He believes education is the great equalizer in our society. Understanding the power of education to transform an individual’s life informs Alex’s belief that every child should have access to a great education through K-12 schools, colleges and trade schools. Alex also believes that parents and teachers working together creates the best schools and curriculum. Alex’s children attend public school, however Dr. Choi knows we can and should provide parents more options in terms of charter opportunities, state funded scholarships and hybrid schooling as each family should make their own decision on which educational path best fits their child’s needs. In short, Alex believes we must invest in an education model where EVERY child has access to a great school!


Economic Policy: Alex Choi understands the power of the American Dream. As a first generation American, he experienced personally what can be achieved in an open, fair and competitive marketplace. Dr. Choi also knows too often government gets it wrong with process, programs and regulation that benefit corporations or specific industries over individuals and families. As our next state senator, Alex will focus on policies that support families, local and small businesses as well as community investment where taxpayers can see a return on their dollars.


Public Safety: Alex Choi is a committed voice for our public safety officers. Dr. Choi knows you cannot have a strong and growing community without focusing on safe streets, neighborhoods and schools. As our next Indiana State Senator, Dr. Choi will work hand in hand with state and local law enforcement to make sure we are investing in state of the art training and equipment. Dr. Choi will also make transparency and communication a priority in public safety policy.


Mental Health: Dr. Choi understands the challenges related to our nation’s mental health crisis and the need to remove stigmas surrounding those who may need assistance. Every community, school and workplace should have a policy of open-door communication and provide information and/or access to professionals and programs that can provide mental health assistance to those who are in need.

A New Voice.



Dr. Alex Choi is a practicing anesthesiologist and was the President of Anesthesia Consultants of Indianapolis, a private practice that employed over 100 physician anesthesiologists. Last year, the practice was sold to Indiana University Health and he is the Physician Leader for Community Medicine Anesthesia for Indiana University Health Physicians, in charge of anesthesia for all of IU Health’s suburban hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers. He is a Past President of the Indiana Society of Anesthesiologists, representing over 900 physician anesthesiologists, and was the Chair of the American Society of Anesthesiologist’s Practice Management Conference with attendance by over 1,000 anesthesia business leaders. As president of his company and now a leader at IU Health, Alex knows first hand how thoughtful leadership can continually improve an organization. His leadership style is that of a person who considers the situation, researches all the facts, balances the needs of all sides, and delivers an informed opinion. 

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