Dr. Alex Choi

Humility, hope and a God given thirst for knowledge defined the formative years of Alex Choi. A first generation American, Alex Choi embraced the promise of the American Dream from his earliest years. Alex’s journey took him from his Indiana roots to Harvard University where he earned his undergraduate degree. Alex then turned his attention to his passion for caring for others, earning multiple degrees in both science and medicine including his M.D. from Indiana University.

Now, Alex is focusing his valuable life experience and skills as a physician to provide quality healthcare for his patients. Dr. Choi created a legacy of success having led the building of the largest private anesthesiology practice in Indiana – Anesthesia Consultants of Indianapolis, where Dr. Choi was the President and Managing Partner. Currently, Dr. Choi is Physician Leader of Community Medicine Anesthesia for Indiana University Health Physicians. Dr. Choi understands the challenges and opportunities that exist in healthcare and wants to deliver better results for Hoosier families.

Alex is married to Jennifer Choi, MD. They are the proud parents of two, Sadie and Spencer. The Choi’s are a tight knit family that enjoy sports, traveling and rock climbing. They make their home in Boone County and are active members of Faith Church.

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Dr. Alex Choi is a practicing anesthesiologist and President of Anesthesia Consultants of Indianapolis, a private practice currently employing over 100 physician anesthesiologists. He is a Past President of the Indiana Society of Anesthesiologists, representing over 900 physician anesthesiologists, and is Chair of the American Society of Anesthesiologist’s Practice Management Conference with attendance by over 1,000 anesthesia business leaders. As president of his company, Alex knows first hand how thoughtful leadership can continually improve an organization. His leadership style is that of a person who considers the situation, researches all the facts and delivers an informed opinion. 

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