I am very humbled and quite proud to receive endorsements of my campaign by such an outstanding group of public servants and friends. Thank you all for your support, Alex Choi


“Alex will bring refreshing honesty, transparency and thoughtfulness to the Zionsville Town Council. I am proud to endorse his candidacy.”
Governor Eric Holcomb


“Alex is highly qualified to be a member of the Zionsville Town Council. He brings business and healthcare experience and has proven himself to be an effective leader in his medical practice and community involvement. I fully endorse Alex for Zionsville Council.” Congresswoman Susan Brooks

“I am proud to endorse Alex Choi and know he will bring an open viewpoint, well considered decisions and a consensus building attitude as an At Large member of the Zionsville Town Council.”

Boone County Council President, Steve Jacob

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Alex Choi for five years and have worked with him on numerous occasions on legislation related to health care. He is incredibly hard working, bright, thoughtful, accessible and willing to compromise. These are skills that would be useful for a member of any town council and I strongly endorse Alex in his candidacy for the Zionsville Town Council At-Large seat.”
Donna Schaibley, State Representative District 24

“With Dr. Alex Choi’s expertise in the efficient management of Indiana’s largest anesthesia private practice, including the terrific care he gave a family member of mine while in the hospital, it’s clear to me that he is a great man with a highly valued skill set to serve on the Zionsville Town Council.”
Elise Nieshalla, Boone County Council Member

“Please accept my full endorsement of Dr. Alex Choi’s Zionsville At-Large-Candidacy for Zionsville Town Council. His leadership, many accomplishments, and  long-term involvement in local, county and state government as well as his expertise as a doctor and business leader will be a welcome addition from many perspectives in addressing the challenges facing our communities especially mental health and the drug epidemic, first responders, and the medical and rehabilitative services we offer. Alex clearly understands the importance of our schools, their support, and our quality of life in Zionsville. Our community needs his leadership and enthusiasm as we look to expand our economic development and commercial businesses. I would look forward to working with Alex in his new role.” Tom Santelli, Boone County Commissioner